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The owners of Zaya Thai Pantry decided to make their dream of building a world class Thai restaurant come true quickly after they took their vows. Don’t let the word “Pantry” fool you - although casual, the owners spent months going over every detail of the restaurant in pursuit of an experience both warm and rich, but above all welcoming! Sprouting from generations of restaurant owners, PJ seemed to be preparing for the opening of Zaya her whole life. From her hometown in Chiang Mai, Thailand, she got her first glance of the restaurant business before entering grade school by working every day in her grandmother and grandfather's restaurant attached to their house. She eagerly did anything needed to help the family business, from plucking chicken feathers to shelling peas - she loved it. She loved it so much that when she was away from the restaurant she would often play restaurant with her stuffed animals and dolls. As PJ’s school was far away from her home and restaurant, she often found the restaurant was her source of play and entertainment, often mimicking cooking and serving guests. After college graduation, she moved to Orinda, CA to work at her cousin’s Thai restaurant. Here she learned every aspect of the restaurant business. And it’s here she met her now husband of three years. “He started coming in more and more for lunch and dinner - at first I thought he really liked Thai food, but it soon occurred to me that he was coming to see me as much as the food”. He now confesses he did really like the food, but found reasons to be at that restaurant more and more just to see her smile. “We never looked back, it was like we were made for each other from first sight”. While first dating, PJ and a business partner started a Thai restaurant in Oakland. The restaurant was very successful, but it came at a cost. Break-ins were common and PJ’s personal safety was always a concern for her husband. These factors drove the decision to leave Oakland and find a location that would serve a hub for their new family. “I wanted a safe location where I could see raising my family with the restaurant being central to our lives. A place where we could be part of the community, where our kids would be able to play a part of the family business, and we could be proud of our contribution to the community.” “We’ve found people in Danville to be so accepting and nice. The downtown is really perfect for the experience we want for our guests. It’s just the right size, vibrant, positive, and has a strong sense of community and safety. We felt a warm welcome in Danville and we instantly decided this was the place for us to build our future. We are so excited to be a part of such a lovely place.



Our menu reflects centuries of Thai cooking, offering traditional and innovative dishes, skillfully cooked to perfection.

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301 Hartz Ave. Ste. 103  Danville, CA 94526


Monday - Sunday 

Lunch 11.30 AM - 2.30 PM

 *Last seating 2.00 PM

Dinner 5 PM  - 9 PM 

*Last seating 8.30 PM

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